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The Adaptable Linux Platform Guide

This guide introduces the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP)—its deployment, system management and software installation as well as running of containerized workloads. To enhance this ALP documentation, find its sources at https://github.com/SUSE/doc-modular/edit/main/xml/.


ALP is a lightweight operating system. Instead of applications distributed in traditional software packages, it runs containerized and virtualized workloads.


This guide introduces an overview of what ALP is and how it is different from traditional operating systems. It also describes how to administer ALP and install and manage individual workloads.


To understand the concepts and perform tasks described in this guide, you need to have good knowledge and practice with the Linux operating system.


After having read this guide, you will be able to deploy ALP, modify its file system in a transactional way, and install and run specific workloads on top of it.

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2022