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The SUSE ALP Dolomite Guide

This guide introduces the SUSE ALP Dolomite (ALP Dolomite)—its deployment, system management and software installation as well as running of containerized workloads. To enhance this ALP Dolomite documentation, find its sources at https://github.com/SUSE/doc-modular/edit/main/xml/.


ALP Dolomite is a minimal operating system that allows customers to run their workloads in a containerized or virtualized form. Typically, ALP Dolomite is deployed on bare-metal servers and runs data center-oriented workloads.


This guide introduces an overview of ALP Dolomite. It describes steps required to deploy and administer ALP Dolomite as well as install and manage SUSE workloads.


Although ALP Dolomite is a complex platform, its basic deployment takes less than 30 minutes. More advanced topics, such as using the transactional-update command, or installing and configuring containerized SUSE workloads, take considerably more time.


To understand the concepts and perform tasks described in this guide, you need to have good knowledge and practice with the SUSE Linux operating system.

Publication Date: 07 Dec 2023