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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4

Part III Mobile Computers

18 Mobile Computing with Linux

Mobile computing is mostly associated with laptops, PDAs and cellular phones (and the data exchange between them). Mobile hardware components, such as external hard disks, flash drives, or digital cameras, can be connected to laptops or desktop systems. A number of software components are involved in mobile computing scenarios and some applications are tailor-made for mobile use.

19 Wireless LAN

Wireless LANs, or Wireless Local Area Network (WLANs), have become an indispensable aspect of mobile computing. Today, most laptops have built-in WLAN cards. This chapter describes how to set up a WLAN card with YaST, encrypt transmissions, and use tips and tricks.

20 Power Management

The features and hardware described in this chapter do not exist on IBM System z, making this chapter irrelevant for these platforms.

21 Using Tablet PCs

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server comes with support for Tablet PCs. In the following, learn how to install and configure your Tablet PC and discover some useful Linux* applications which accept input from digital pens.

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