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About This Guide

Note: SUSE Manager Version Information

In this manual if not other specified, SUSE Manager version 3.2 is assumed and this version is required if a feature is discussed. SUSE Manager 3.2 and SUSE Manager 3.2 Proxy were originally released as a SLES 12 SP3 extension. With the next maintenance update (December 2018), SUSE Manager 3.2 and SUSE Manager 3.2 Proxy will be based on SLES 12 SP4 and support SLE 12 SP4 clients officially. In the following sections and chapters, it is highly recommended to use SLE 12 SP4 instead of SP3. Whenever features of the SUSE Manager 3.2 host operating system are documented and not other specified version 12 SP4 is assumed.

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