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18 Help

The Main Menu › Help pages provide access to the full suite of documentation and support available to SUSE Manager users.

18.1 SUSE Manager Getting Started Guide

In Book “Getting Started” find information regarding SUSE Manager server and its installation and initial configuration. Implementing a fully functional SUSE Manager requires more than installing software and a database. Client systems must be configured to use SUSE Manager. Custom packages and channels should be created for optimal use. Since these tasks extend beyond the basic installation, they are covered in detail in the other guides.

18.2 SUSE Manager Reference Guide

Reference Manual explains the Web interface and its features in detail.

18.3 SUSE Manager Best Practices Guide

Book “Best Practices” describes SUSE recommended best practices for SUSE Manager. This information has been collected from many successful SUSE Manager real world implementations and includes feedback provided by product management, sales, and engineering.

18.4 SUSE Manager Advanced Topics Guide

Book “Advanced Topics” contains a collection of advanced topics not covered under the best practices guide.

18.5 Release Notes

The Main Menu › Help › Release Notes page lists the notes accompanying every recent release of SUSE Manager. All significant changes in a given release cycle, from major enhancements to the user interface to changes in the related documentation are documented here.

18.6 API

Documentation for using the Application Programming Interface (API) for creating tools and programs to automate common tasks via SUSE Manager.

The Main Menu › Help › API page contains an overview of the API, with links to detailed descriptions of various API calls available to administrators and developers. There is also an Main Menu › Help › API › FAQ page for answers to common questions about the SUSE Manager API. A Main Menu › Help › API › Sample Scripts page shows example code using API calls.

18.7 Search

The Main Menu › Help › Search page features a robust search engine that indexes and searches SUSE Manager documentation.

help search
Figure 18.1: Document Search

Users can search the available online documentation and filter them according to the following choices in the What to Search drop-down box:

  • Content & Title — Search both the title heading or body content of all available documents.

  • Free Form — Search documents for any keyword matches, which broadens search results.

  • Content — Search only the body content of documentation for more specific matches.

  • Title — Search only the title headings of the documentation for targeted, specific search results.

The Free Form field additionally allows you to search using field names that you prepend to search queries and filter results in that field.

For example, if you wanted to search all of the SUSE Manager manuals for the word Virtualization in the title and install in the content, type the following in the Free Form field:

title:Virtualization and content:install

Other supported field names for documentation search include:

  • url — Search the URL for a particular keyword.

  • title — Search titles for a particular keyword.

  • content — Search the body of the documentation for a particular keyword.

If there are several pages of search results, you can limit the amount of visible results shown on one page by clicking the Display quantity items per page drop-down box, which offers between 10 and 500 results per page.

To move between pages, click the right or left angle brackets (> to go forward or < to go backward).

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