Troubleshooting Taskomatic

If Taskomatic crashes, repository metadata regeneration can be prevented from happening regularly. Repository metadata regeneration is a relatively intensive process, so Taskomatic can normally take several minutes to complete it. When this occurs, package updates will be available in the Web UI, but will not appear on the client, and attempts to update the client will fail. To correct this, determine if Taskomatic is still in the process of generating repository metadata, or if a crash could have occurred. Wait for metadata regeneration to complete or restart Taskomatic after a crash in order for client updates to be carried out correctly.

Procedure: Resolving Taskomatic Problems
  1. On the SUSE Manager Server, check the /var/log/rhn/rhn_taskomatic_daemon.log file to determine if any metadata regeneration processes are still running, or if a crash occurred.

  2. Restart taskomatic:

    service taskomatic restart

In the Taskomatic log files, you can identify the section related to metadata regeneration by looking for opening and closing lines that look like this:

<YYYY-DD-MM> <HH:MM:SS>,174 [Thread-584] INFO  com.redhat.rhn.taskomatic.task.repomd.RepositoryWriter - Generating new repository metadata for channel 'cloned-2018-q1-sles12-sp3-updates-x86_64'(sha256) 550 packages, 140 errata


<YYYY-DD-MM> <HH:MM:SS>,704 [Thread-584] INFO  com.redhat.rhn.taskomatic.task.repomd.RepositoryWriter - Repository metadata generation for 'cloned-2018-q1-sles12-sp3-updates-x86_64' finished in 4 seconds