spacewalk-repo-sync is a command line tool for SUSE Manager. It performs the following functions.

  • Copies a repo’s metadata to the database

  • Copies a repo’s RPM files to the filesystem

mgr-sync --help

The following options are available for the spacewalk-repo-sync tool:

spacewalk-repo-sync --help
Usage: spacewalk-repo-sync [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l, --list            List the custom channels with the associated
  -s, --show-packages   List all packages in a specified channel.
  -u URL, --url=URL     The url of the repository. Can be used multiple times.
                        The label of the channel to sync packages to. Can be
                        used multiple times.
  -p PARENT_LABEL, --parent-channel=PARENT_LABEL
                        Synchronize the parent channel and all its child
  -d, --dry-run         Test run. No sync takes place.
  --latest              Sync latest packages only. Use carefully - you might
                        need to fix some dependencies on your own.
  -g CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        Configuration file
  -t REPO_TYPE, --type=REPO_TYPE
                        Force type of repository ("yum", "uln" and "deb" are
  -f, --fail            If a package import fails, fail the entire operation
  -n, --non-interactive
                        Do not ask anything, use default answers
  -i FILTERS, --include=FILTERS
                        Comma or space separated list of included packages or
                        package groups.
  -e FILTERS, --exclude=FILTERS
                        Comma or space separated list of excluded packages or
                        package groups.
  --email               e-mail a report of what was synced/imported
                        alternative email address(es) for sync output (--email
  --no-errata           Do not sync errata
  --no-packages         Do not sync packages
  --sync-kickstart      Sync kickstartable tree
  --force-all-errata    Process metadata of all errata, not only missing.
                        max. batch size for package import (debug only)
  -Y, --deep-verify     Do not use cached package checksums
  -v, --verbose         Verbose output. Possible to accumulate: -vvv

Log Files

Logs for the spacewalk-repo-sync tool are located in: