Automate Client Installation

AutoYaST and Kickstart configuration files allow you to automate client system installations. This is useful if you need to install a large number of clients.

For SUSE Linux Enterprise clients, use AutoYaST. When you have created an AutoYaST file, you can upload and manage it using the SUSE Manager Web UI.

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux clients, use Kickstart. Kickstart files are created, modified, and managed within the SUSE Manager Web UI.

We recommend that you use PXE boot for installing clients. PXE booting requires a DHCP server that points to your SUSE Manager Server. The SUSE Manager Server then acts as a TFTP server.

The TFTP environment is generated with Cobbler. Cobbler can also generate a bootable ISO image. The ISO image can be used to install machines when PXE boot is not an option; for more information, see client-configuration:cobbler.adoc.