Autoinstallation with AutoYaST

When client-configuration:client-automating-preparation.adoc is successfully finished you can begin with the actual installation.

To start an autoinstallation the system must already be known to SUSE Manager. You can use bare metal provisioning to bring systems into SUSE Manager. For more information, see reference:admin/bare-metal-systems.adoc.

On the command line, you can use the API calls system.createSystemRecord or system.createSystemProfile to bring systems into SUSE Manager. For example (replace <hw_addr> with a hardware address such as 00:25:22:71:e7:c6 and <name> with the name of your system):

spacecmd api -- --args '["systemname", {"hwAddress": "<hw_addr>", "hostname":"<name>"}]' system.createSystemProfile
Procedure: Autoinstalling with AutoYaST
  1. In SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Systems  Overview, and select the system for the automated installation.

  2. On the systems details page, navigate to the Provisioning  Autoinstallation  Schedule tab, and select the AutoYaST profile you want to use to (re-)install the system.

Advanced PXE Installation Configuration

If the client needs to be installed for the first time, you can use the Create PXE installation configuration option. This option creates a PXE boot configuration. When you power on the client system, it boots from the network and the correct profile is selected for installation.

If the system is already managed, click Schedule Autoinstallation and Finish to start the installation.

For more information about AutoYaST, see