Using the System Set Manager

System Set Manager (SSM) is used to administrate groups of systems, rather than performing actions on one system at a time. It works for both Salt and traditional clients.

For a complete list of the tasks that you can perform with the SSM, see reference:systems/ssm-menu.adoc.

Setting up System Set Manager

You need to select which systems or system group you want to work with before you can use SSM to perform operations.

You can access SSM in three different ways:

  • Navigate to Systems  System List, select systems you want to work with, and navigate to Systems  System Set Manager.

  • Navigate to Systems  System Groups, and click Use in SSM for the system group you want to work with.

  • Navigate to Systems  System Groups, select the group you want to work with, and click Work with Group.

Using System Set Manager

The details you see in SSM might differ slightly from the details available in other parts of the SUSE Manager Web UI. If you are looking at the details of a single system in the Web UI, then you will only be able to see the latest available versions of package updates. When you look at package updates in SSM, all available versions will be shown. This is intended to make it easier for system administrators to manage package versions, and choose to upgrade to packages that might not be the latest version.