SUSE Manager provides absolute control over your Linux environment. System administrators often have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of client machines they need to look after, all of which require ongoing maintenance, updates, and lifecycle management. SUSE Manager allows you to manage all your Linux clients in one place, with one easy-to-understand dashboard.

SUSE Manager can be integrated with your network infrastructure in multiple ways, and most tasks can be automated, with reports issued so you always know the status of your client machines. Because SUSE Manager allows you to manage large numbers of systems and automatically keep them up to date, it helps to improve overall security, and provides extensive asset management and provisioning capability.

SUSE Manager can be used in conjunction with Red Hat Satellite Server and offers seamless management of both SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux client systems.

Installing SUSE Manager

All versions of SUSE Manager can be installed from SUSE Manager installation media. Before you begin the installation, you will require an operating system installed on your hardware.

This book guides you through installing the JeOS operating system in a virtual machine, before performing the SUSE Manager Server and Proxy installations.