This page allows you to adjust basic SUSE Manager administration settings.

admin general configuration
Administrator Email Address

E-mail address of the SUSE Manager administrator.

SUSE Manager Hostname

Host name of the SUSE Manager server.

SUSE Manager Proxy Configuration

Configure proxy data via the following fields:

  • Manager Configuration  HTTP proxy

  • Manager Configuration  HTTP proxy username

  • Manager Configuration  HTTP proxy password

  • Manager Configuration  Confirm HTTP proxy password

    The HTTP proxy settings are for the communication with a SUSE Manager parent server, if there is any. The HTTP proxy should be of the form: hostname:port; the default port 8080 will be used if none is explicitly provided. HTTP proxy settings for client systems to connect to this SUSE Manager can be different, and will be configured separately, for example via: Bootstrap Script.

RPM repository mount point

The directory where RPM packages are mirrored. By default: /var/spacewalk.

Default To SSL

For secure communication, use SSL.

When done, confirm with Update.