All Scans

If you click Main Menu  Audit  OpenSCAP  All Scans, an overview of the OpenSCAP Scans appears. SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) is a framework to maintain the security of enterprise systems. It mainly performs the following tasks:

  • Automatically verifying the availability of patches

  • Checking system security configuration settings

  • Examining systems for signs of compromise

For a description of the Web UI dialogs, see: OpenSCAP SUSE Manager Web Interface

For instructions and tips on how to best use OpenSCAP with SUSE Manager, refer to: System Security via OpenSCAP To learn more about OpenSCAP, see the project home page at

All Scans  ] is the default page that appears on the menu:Audit[OpenSCAP page. Here you see all the completed OpenSCAP scans you have permission to view. Permissions for scans are derived from system permissions.

All Scans Legend

For each scan, the following information is displayed:


the scanned system.

XCCDF Profile

the evaluated profile.


time of completion.


number of rules satisfied. A rule is considered to be satisfied if the result of the evaluation is either Pass or Fixed.


number of rules that were not satisfied. A rule is considered Dissatisfied if the result of the evaluation is a Fail.


number of rules which failed to evaluate. A rule is considered to be Unknown if the result of the evaluation is an Error, Unknown or Not Checked.

The evaluation of XCCDF rules may also return status results like Informational, Not Applicable, or not Selected. In such cases, the given rule is not included in the statistics on this page. See System Details  Audit for information on these types of results.