Procedure: Add a new Filter to a Content Lifecycle Project
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Content Lifecycle Management  Filters, and click Create Filter

  2. In the name field, enter a descriptive name for your filter.

  3. In the filter type field, choose the entity you want to search.

  4. Fill in the additional fields required for the filter (they vary according to the filter type).

  5. In the rule field, choose Deny or Allow depending on the type of the filter you want to create.

  6. Click the Create button to create your filter and return to the filter list.

  7. Navigate to Content Lifecycle Management  Projects.

  8. Click Attach/Detach Filters.

  9. In the Filters dialog, select the filter you want to apply to the project.

  10. Click the Save button. You can create a new filter from within a project by the Create new Filter in the Filters dialog of a project as well.