Home Overview

This topic introduces you to the SUSE Manager Web UI.

Entering the SUSE Manager URL in a browser leads you to the Sign In screen.

Before logging in, select About, to browse and search for available documentation topics. You may reset your username and password from the About  Lookup Login/Password page. Refer to My Account for more information.

New to the SUSE Manager Web UI? Scan through Web UI Navigation to familiarize yourself with the layout and symbols used throughout this document.

Login to the SUSE Manager Web UI to view the Main Menu  Home  Overview page. The Overview page contains summary panes that provide important information about your systems.

Overview is split into functional sections, with the most critical sections displayed first. Users can control which of the following sections are displayed by making selections on the Main Menu  Home  My Preferences page. Refer to My Preferences for more information.

home overview
  • The Tasks pane lists the most common tasks an administrator performs via the Web interface. Click any link to reach the page within SUSE Manager that allows you to accomplish that task.

    home overview tasks pane
  • The Inactive Systems list provides a list of all systems that have stopped checking into SUSE Manager.

    home overview inactive systems pane
  • The Most Critical Systems pane lists the most critical systems within your organization. It provides a link to quickly view those systems and displays a summary of the patch updates that have yet to be applied to those systems. Click the name of a system to see its System Details page and apply the patch updates. Below the list is a link to View All Critical Systems on one page.

    home overview critical systems pane
  • The Recently Scheduled Actions pane lists all actions less than thirty days old and their status: failed, completed, or pending. Click the label of any given action to view its details page. Below the list is a link to View All Scheduled Actions on one page, which lists all actions that have not yet been carried out on your client systems.

    home overview pending actions pane
  • The Relevant Security Patches pane lists all available security patches that have yet to be applied to some or all of your client systems. It is critical that you apply these security patches to keep your systems secure. Below this list find links to all available patches View All Patches. You may also view patches that only apply to your systems View All Relevant Patches.

    home overview latest errata pane
  • The System Group Name pane lists groups you may have created and indicates whether the systems in those groups are fully updated. Click the link below this section to get to the Main Menu  Systems  System Groups page, where you can choose a Group Name to use with the System Set Manager.

    home overview system groups pane
  • The Recently Registered Systems pane lists all systems added to SUSE Manager in the past 30 days. Select a system’s name to see its System Details page. At the bottom of the Recently Registered Systems pane select the View All Recently Registered Systems link to view all recently registered systems on one page.

    home overview recently registered pane

To return to this page, select Main Menu  Home  Overview that is also known as The Menu.