Image List

If you click Main Menu  Images  Images, an overview listing of your images appears. Several columns provide information about each image:

images list images
  • Select box: To select images, mark the appropriate check boxes. Selected images can be deleted simultaneously via the Delete button that appears in the upper right corner while selecting images.

  • Name:

  • Version and Revision:

  • Updates: Shows which type of update action is applicable to the image or confirms that the image is up-to-date.

For more information, see reference:systems/systems-overview.adoc.

  • Patches and Packages:

  • Build:

  • Last Modified: Time when the images was modified last.

  • Actions: Details and Delete button. Details opens a the Image Details page.

There are action buttons in the upper right corner. The Delete button appears when one or more images are selected. The Import and Refresh buttons are default buttons. The Import button is used to import pre-built images. For more information on images, see administration:image-management.adoc.

Image Details

The Image Details page contains the Overview, Patches, and Packages tabs.