Remote Commands

The remote commands page allows you to execute and run commands from the SUSE Manager server on several clients.

remote commands
Figure 1. Remote Commands

Salt runs remote commands from /tmp of the client’s filesystem. Therefore you must not mount /tmp with the noexec option.

Remote Commands Security

All commands run from the Remote Commands page are executed as root on clients. Wildcards can be used to run commands across any number of systems, so always take extra precaution as this may have drastic consequences for your systems.

On the Salt  Remote Commands page you will see two text boxes. The first box is for entering commands. The second box is for targeting clients by the minion_id value (name), or by a partial match using wildcards.

Enter the command you want to execute. Add a target client to execute the command on, or use wildcard matching to target a group of clients. Click Find Targets to verify which clients will be targeted. Click Run Command to execute the command on the target systems.