Schedule Menu

Main Menu  Schedule helps with managing actions and combining actions into action chains.

Main Menu  Schedule features pages that enable you to manage the actions carried out on your systems. An action is a scheduled task to be performed on one or more client systems. For example, an action can be scheduled to apply all patches to a system. Actions can also be grouped into action chains to schedule them at the same time in a particular order, for example to reboot a system after deploying patches.

SUSE Manager keeps track of the following action types:

  • package alteration (installation, upgrade, and removal),

  • rollback package actions,

  • system reboots,

  • patch application,

  • configuration file alteration (deploy, upload, and diff),

  • hardware profile updates,

  • package list profile updates,

  • automated installation initiation,

  • service pack migrations,

  • remote commands.

Each page in the Main Menu  Schedule category represents an action status.