Manage Repositories


Add or manage custom or third-party package repositories and link the repositories to an existing channel. The repositories feature currently supports repomd repositories.

To create a new repository click the Create Repository link at the top right of the Manage Repositories page. The Create Repository screen prompts you to enter a Repository Label such as sles-12-x86_64 and a Repository URL. You may enter URLs pointing to mirror lists or direct download repositories, then click Create Repository. Select the desired SSL certificate of authority, client certificate and key from the drop down list. SSL keys should be placed in

To link the new repository to an existing software channel, select Manage Software Channels from the left menu, then click the channel you want to link. In the channel’s detail page, click the Repositories subtab, then check the box next to the repository you want to link to the channel. Click Update Repositories.

To synchronize packages from a custom repository to your channel, click the Sync link from the channel’s Repositories subtab, and confirm by clicking the Sync button.

You can also perform a synchronization via command line by using the spacewalk-repo-sync command, which additionally allows you to accept keys.

spacewalk-repo-sync creates log files in the /var/log/rhn/reposync directory. SUSE Manager uses one log file per channel and reuses it with the next synchronization run.