Channel List Menu

Channels Overview

The Main Menu  Software  Channels List menu item is the first to appear. A software channel provides packages grouped by products or applications to simplify the selection of packages to be installed on a system.

There are two types of software channels: base channels and child channels.

Base Channels

A base channel consists of packages built for a specific architecture and release. For example, all of the packages in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for the x86_64 architecture make up a base channel. The list of packages in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for the s390x architecture make up a different base channel.

A system must be subscribed to only one base channel assigned automatically during registration based on the SUSE Linux Enterprise release and system architecture. For paid base channels, an associated subscription must exist.

Child Channels

A child channel is associated with a base channel and provides extra packages. For example, an organization can create a child channel associated with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on x86_64 architecture that contains extra packages for a custom application.

Especially important are the SUSE Manager Tools channels that are available for every base channel. These tools channels provide the tools needed to connect the clients with the SUSE Manager server.

A system can be subscribed to multiple child channels of its base channel. Only packages provided by a subscribed channel can be installed or updated. SUSE Manager Administrators and Channel Administrators have channel management authority. This authority gives them the ability to create and manage their own custom channels.

Do not create child channels containing packages that are not compatible with the client system.

Channels can be further distinguished by relevance: All, SUSE, Channels, My Channels, Shared, and Retired.