Manage Menu

This menu allows administrators to create, clone, and delete custom channels. These channels may contain altered versions of distribution-based channels or custom packages.


The Overview page of the Manage Software Channels menu lists all available channels including custom, distribution-based, and child channels.

To clone an existing channel, click the Clone Channel link. Select the channel to be cloned from the drop-down box, select whether to clone the current state (including patches) or the original state (without patches). You can also select specific patches to use for cloning. Then click the Create Channel button. In the next screen select options for the new channel, including base architecture and GPG, then click Create Channel.


The GPG key URL may be either an internal file location such as file:/// or you may use an external URL.

To create a new channel, click the Create Channel link. Select the appropriate options for the new channel, including base architecture and GPG options, then click Create Channel. Note that a channel created in this manner is blank, containing no packages. You must either upload software packages or add packages from other repositories. You may also choose to include patches in your custom channel.

Enable GPG Check

Enable GPG Check is automatically selected when creating a new channel. If you would like to add custom packages and applications to your channel, make sure you deselect this box or you cannot install/add unsigned packages. Keep in mind this is a security risk for packages from an untrusted source.

Channel Details

This page lists the settings made during channel creation.

Channel Permissions

SUSE Manager administrators and channel administrators may alter or delete any channel.

If you delete a channel that has been assigned to a set of clients, it will trigger an immediate update of the channel state for any clients associated with the deleted channel. This is to ensure that the changes are reflected accurately in the repository file.

To grant other users rights to alter or delete this channel, check the box next to the user’s name and click Update.

To allow all users to manage the channel, click the Select All button at the bottom of the list then click Update. To remove a user’s right to manage the channel, uncheck the box next to their name and click Update.