File Preservation

Collects lists of files to be protected and re-deployed on systems during Kickstart. For instance, if you have many custom configuration files located on a system to be kickstarted, enter them here as a list and associate that list with the Kickstart profile to be used.

To use this feature, click the Create File Preservation List link at the top. Enter a suitable label and all files and directories to be preserved. Enter absolute paths to all files and directories. Then click Create List.

Although file preservation is useful, it does have limitations. Each list is limited to a total size of 1 MB. Special devices like /dev/hda1 and /dev/sda1 are not supported. Only file and directory names may be entered. No regular expression wildcards can be used.

When finished, you may include the file preservation list in the Kickstart profile to be used on systems containing those files.