GPG and SSL Keys

Lists keys and certificates available for inclusion in Kickstart profiles and provides a means to create new ones.

This is especially important for customers of SUSE Manager or the Proxy Server because systems kickstarted by them must have the server key imported into SUSE Manager and associated with the relevant Kickstart profiles.

Import a profile by creating a new key on this page and then make the profile association in the GPG and SSL keys subtab of the Autoinstallation Details page.

To create a key or certificate, click the Create Stored Key/Cert link in the upper-right corner of the page. Enter a description, select the type, upload the file, and click the Update Key button. A unique description is required.

The GPG key you upload to SUSE Manager must be in ASCII format. Using a GPG key in binary format causes anaconda, and therefore the Kickstart process, to fail.