Autoinstallation Overview

Autoinstallation Types: AutoYaST and Kickstart

In the following section, AutoYaST and AutoYaST features apply for SUSE Linux Enterprise client systems only. For RHEL systems, use Kickstart and Kickstart features.

AutoYaST and Kickstart configuration files allow administrators to create an environment for automating otherwise time-consuming system installations, such as multiple servers or workstations. AutoYaST files have to be uploaded to be managed with SUSE Manager. Kickstart files can be created, modified, and managed within the SUSE Manager Web interface.

SUSE Manager also features the Cobbler installation server. For more information, see client-configuration:cobbler.adoc.

SUSE Manager provides an interface for developing Kickstart and AutoYaST profiles that can be used to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise on either new or already-registered systems automatically according to certain specifications.

systems kickstart overview
Figure 1. Autoinstallation Overview

This overview page displays the status of automated installations (Kickstart and AutoYaST) on your client systems: the types and number of profiles you have created and the progress of systems that are scheduled to be installed using Kickstart or AutoYaST.

In the upper right area is the Autoinstallation Actions section, which contains a series of links to management actions for your Kickstart or AutoYaST profiles.