SD Reactivation

Reactivation keys include this system’s ID, history, groups, and channels. This key can then be used only once with the rhnreg_ks command line utility to re-register this system and regain all SUSE Manager settings. Unlike typical activation keys, which are not associated with a specific system ID, keys created here do not show up within the Systems  Activation Keys page.

system details reactivation

Reactivation keys can be combined with activation keys to aggregate the settings of multiple keys for a single system profile. For example:

rhnreg_ks --server=<server-url> \
          --activationkey=<reactivation-key>,<activationkey> \

When autoinstalling a system with its existing SUSE Manager profile, the profile uses the system-specific activation key created here to re-register the system and return its other SUSE Manager settings. For this reason, you must not regenerate, delete, or use this key (with rhnreg_ks) while a profile-based autoinstallation is in progress. If you do, the autoinstallation will fail.