Retail Guide

What is SUSE Manager for Retail?

SUSE Manager for Retail 4.0 is an open source infrastructure management solution, optimized and tailored specifically for the retail industry. It uses the same technology as SUSE Manager, but is customized to address the needs of retail organizations.

SUSE Manager for Retail is designed for use in retail situations where customers can use point-of-service terminals to purchase or exchange goods, take part in promotions, or collect loyalty points. In addition to retail installations, it can also be used for novel purposes, such as maintaining student computers in an educational environment, or self-service kiosks in banks or hospitals.

SUSE Manager for Retail is intended for use in installations that include servers, workstations, point-of-service terminals, and other devices. It allows administrators to install, configure, and update the software on their servers, and manage the deployment and provisioning of point-of-service machines.

About this book

This document provides an overview of SUSE Manager for Retail, and guides you through initial installation and setup. It should be read in conjunction with the SUSE Manager documentation suite, available from

For more information about managing your SUSE Manager for Retail environment, or to find out where to get help, see retail:retail-next.adoc.