SUSE Manager has three main components, all of which will need regular updates. This guide covers updating your SUSE Manager Server, Proxy, and clients.

It is possible to automate the upgrades to some degree.

This guide is not intended to be read cover to cover. Instead, navigate to the component you want to upgrade, then identify the versions you are upgrading from and to.


SUSE Manager uses a X.Y.Z versioning schema.

  • Z: If you are updating the server within the same minor version (Maintenace Update), see server-update.adoc.

  • Y: If you are upgrading the server within the same major version (SP Migration), see upgrade:migrate-4x-4x.adoc.

  • X: If you are migrating the server from a major version to the next major version, see migrate-3x-4x.adoc.

In addition to updating the operating of the server, you are also likely to need to update other underlying technologies, including the database. For more information about updating the database, see db-migration.adoc.