Troubleshooting Inactive clients

A Taskomatic job periodically pings clients to ensure they are connected. Clients are considered inactive if they have not responded to a Taskomatic check in for 24 hours or more. To see a list of inactive clients in the Web UI, navigate to Systems  System List  Inactive.

Clients can become inactive for a number of reasons:

  • The client is not entitled to any SUSE Manager service. If the client remains unentitled for 180 days (6 months), it is removed.

  • On traditional clients, the rhnsd service has been disabled.

  • The client is behind a firewall that does not allow HTTPS connections.

  • The client is behind a proxy that is misconfigured.

  • The client is communicating with a different SUSE Manager Server, or the connection has been misconfigured.

  • The client is not in a network that can communicate with the SUSE Manager Server.

  • A firewall is blocking traffic between the client and the SUSE Manager Server.

  • Taskomatic is misconfigured.

For more information about client connections to the server, see client-configuration:contact-methods-intro.adoc.

For more information about configuring ports, see installation:ports.adoc.

For more information about troubleshooting firewalls, see administration:tshoot-firewalls.adoc.