Install Uyuni Retail Server with openSUSE

SUSE Manager for Retail Server can be installed on openSUSE.

For general requirements, see installation:uyuni-install-requirements.adoc.

For more information about the latest version and updates of openSUSE Leap, see

Install Uyuni on openSUSE Leap

You install Uyuni as an add-on to openSUSE Leap.

Procedure: Installing Uyuni on openSUSE Leap
  1. As the base system, install openSUSE Leap with all available service packs and package updates applied.

  2. Configure a resolvable fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with yast  System  Network Settings  Hostname/DNS.

  3. Set variables to use to create repository:

  4. Add the repository for installing the SUSE Manager Server software as root:

    zypper ar$repo uyuni-server-stable
  5. Refresh metadata from the repositories as root, and confirm the import of new GPG key into the keyring:

    zypper ref
  6. Install the pattern for the SUSE Manager Server as root:

    zypper in patterns-uyuni_server
  7. Install the SUSE Manager related packages:

    zypper in bind-formula \
    	  branch-network-formula \
    	  dhcpd-formula \
    	  image-sync-formula \
    	  pxe-formula \
    	  saltboot-formula \
    	  susemanager-retail-tools \
    	  tftpd-formula \
  8. Reboot the client.

When the installation is complete, you can continue with SUSE Manager setup. For more information, see retail:retail-uyuni-server-setup.adoc.