PXE Formula

The PXE formula is used to configure PXE booting on the branch server.

Procedure: Configuring PXE Booting
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, open the details page for the branch server, and navigate to the Formulas tab.

  2. Select the Pxe formula, and click Save.

  3. Navigate to the Formulas  Pxe tab, and set these parameters:

    • In the Kernel filename field, keep the default value.

    • In the Initrd filename field, keep the default value.

    • In the Kernel command line parameters field, keep the default value. For more information about possible values, see Saltboot Kernel Command Line Parameters.

    • In the PXE root directory field, enter the path to the saltboot directory (for example, /srv/saltboot).

  4. Click Save Formula to save your configuration.

  5. Apply the highstate.

Saltboot Kernel Command Line Parameters

Saltboot supports common kernel parameters and saltboot-specific kernel parameters. All the parameters can be entered in the Kernel Command Line Parameters field of the PXE formula.


Starts a shell on tty2 during boot and enables debug logging in Salt.

Do not use this parameter in a production environment as it creates a major security hole. This parameter should be used only in a development environment for debug purposes.


Overrides auto-detection of the Salt master. For example:


Overrides the local boot fallback timeout if the Salt master does not apply the saltboot state within this timeout (default: 60 seconds). For example:


If the terminal has a hostname assigned by DHCP, it is by default used as a minion ID. Setting this option to 1 disables this mechanism, and SMBios information will be used as a minion ID.


Setting this option to 1 disables adding random generated suffix to terminal minion ID.

If you set this parameter make sure your terminal has either a unique hostname provided by DHCP and DNS, or the terminal hardware comes with a unique serial number stored in its SMBios memory. Otherwise there is a risk of terminal minion ID duplicity, and bootstrapping the minion will fail.

The following parameters (MINION_ID_PREFIX, salt_device, root) are usually autoconfigured and should be used only in specific conditions such as debugging or development:


Branch ID set in the Branch Network formula form.


Device that contains the Salt configuration.


Device that contains the already deployed root file system. Used for falling back to local boot.