Upgrade the Database

To successfully perform a major SUSE Manager update, you might need to upgrade the underlying database.

If you are using PostgreSQL 9, and you are upgrading to version 10, see upgrade:db-migration-10.adoc. If you are using PostgreSQL 10, and you are upgrading to version 12, see upgrade:db-migration-12.adoc.

If you want to upgrade to the latest SUSE Manager version, you must be using PostgreSQL version 10 or 12. If you are using an older version, such as version 9.6, you must migrate PostgreSQL to version 10 before you begin the SUSE Manager migration.

If you run PostgreSQL 9.4 on SUSE Manager 3.2, see the product documentation at https://documentation.suse.com/external-tree/en-us/suma/3.2/susemanager-best-practices/html/book.suma.best.practices/bp.sp.migration.html#sp.migration.postgresql. You cannot migrate directly from PostgreSQL 9.4 to version 10.