The list of the user authorized to access a SUSE Manager instance


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
mgm_id numeric 131089 null
accountgroup.mgm_id accountgroup_account_fkeyR
systemgrouppermission.mgm_id systemgrouppermission_user_fkeyR

The id of the SUSE Manager instance that contains this data

account_id numeric 131089 null
accountgroup.account_id accountgroup_account_fkeyR
systemgrouppermission.account_id systemgrouppermission_user_fkeyR

The id of the user account

username varchar 64 null

The username used to login

organization varchar 128 null

The organization that owns this data

last_name varchar 128 null

The person last name(s)

first_name varchar 128 null

The person first name(s)

position varchar 128 null

The descriptive role of this user within the organization

email varchar 128 null

The email address associated with this account

creation_time timestamptz 35,6 null

When this user account was created

last_login_time timestamptz 35,6 null

When this user account logged in for the last time

status varchar 32 null

Current status of the user. Possible values: enabled, disabled

md5_encryption bool 1 null

True if md5 encryption is used to encode the user password.

synced_date timestamptz 35,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

The timestamp of when this data was last refreshed.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
account_pk Primary key Asc/Asc mgm_id + account_id

Check Constraints

Constraint Name Constraint
vn_account_last_name (((last_name)::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_organization (((organization)::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_position ((("position")::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_first_name (((first_name)::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_email (((email)::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_status (((status)::text <> ''::text))
vn_account_username (((username)::text <> ''::text))