Channel metadata for all channels owned by an organization


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
mgm_id numeric 131089 null

The id of the SUSE Manager instance that contains this data

organization varchar 128 null

The organization that owns this data

channel_id numeric 131089 null

The id of the channel

label varchar 128 null

The unique label identifying the channel

name varchar 256 null

The unique name of the channel

summary varchar 500 null

A brief summary of the channel

description varchar 4000 null

A detailed description of the channel scope and purpose

parent_channel_label varchar 128 null

The label of the parent of the channel, if exists

arch varchar 64 null

The architecture of the packages hold by the channel

checksum_type varchar 32 null

The type of checksum used by the channel

channel_repositories text 2147483647 null

The list of repositories linked to the channel, separated by ;

synced_date timestamptz 35,6 null

The timestamp of when this data was last refreshed.


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