The list of patches managed by a SUSE Manager instance


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
mgm_id numeric 131089 null
channelerrata.mgm_id channelerrata_errata_fkeyR
systemerrata.mgm_id systemerrata_errata_fkeyR

The id of the SUSE Manager instance that contains this data

errata_id numeric 131089 null
channelerrata.errata_id channelerrata_errata_fkeyR
systemerrata.errata_id systemerrata_errata_fkeyR

The id of the patch

advisory_name varchar 100 null

The unique name of this advisory

advisory_type varchar 32 null

The type of patch. Possible values: Product Enhancement Advisory, Security Advisory, Bug Fix Advisory

advisory_status varchar 32 null

The status of the patch. Possible values: final, stable, retracted

issue_date timestamptz 35,6 null

When this advisory was first issued

update_date timestamptz 35,6 null

When this advisory was last updated

severity varchar 64 null

The serverity of this advisory. Possible values: Critical, Important, Moderate, Low

reboot_required bool 1 false

True if a reboot of the system is required after applying this patch

affects_package_manager bool 1 false

True if this patch make changes to the package management system

cve varchar 4000 null

A list of CVE ids that this patch addresses, separated by ;

synopsis varchar 4000 null

The brief description of this patch

organization varchar 128 null

The organization that owns this data

synced_date timestamptz 35,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

The timestamp of when this data was last refreshed.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
errata_pk Primary key Asc/Asc mgm_id + errata_id

Check Constraints

Constraint Name Constraint
vn_errata_synopsis (((synopsis)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_organization (((organization)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_advisory_name (((advisory_name)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_advisory_status (((advisory_status)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_cve (((cve)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_advisory_type (((advisory_type)::text <> ''::text))
vn_errata_severity (((severity)::text <> ''::text))