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documentation.suse.com / A SUSE Linux Enterprise Server dokumentációja / Deployment Guide / Customizing Installation Images
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1

Part III Customizing Installation Images

  • 13 Cloning Disk Images
  • This chapter describes how to use cloned images for installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. This is mostly used in virtualized environments.

  • 14 Customizing Installation Images with mksusecd
  • mksusecd is a useful tool for creating a customized installation image. Use it to modify the regular SUSE Linux Enterprise installation images, adding and removing files, creating a minimal network installation image, customizing boot and repository options, and creating a minimal boot image as an alternative to booting a system from a PXE server.

  • 15 Customizing Installation Images Manually
  • You may customize the standard SUSE Linux Enterprise installation images by editing a file in the installation ISO image, media.1/products. Add modules and extensions to create a single customized installation image. Then copy your custom image to a CD, DVD, or USB device to create a bootable customized installation medium. See How to Create a Custom Installation Medium for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 https://documentation.suse.com/sbp/all/single-html/SBP-SLE15-Custom-Installation-Medium/ for complete instructions.