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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 (SES 5 & SES 5.5)

Part III Accessing Cluster Data Edit source

13 Ceph Object Gateway

This chapter introduces details about administration tasks related to Object Gateway, such as checking status of the service, managing accounts, multisite gateways, or LDAP authentication.

14 Ceph iSCSI Gateway

The chapter focuses on administration tasks related to the iSCSI Gateway. For a procedure of deployment refer to Chapter 10, Installation of iSCSI Gateway.

15 Clustered File System

This chapter describes administration tasks that are normally performed after the cluster is set up and CephFS exported. If you need more information on setting up CephFS, refer to Chapter 11, Installation of CephFS.

16 NFS Ganesha: Export Ceph Data via NFS

NFS Ganesha is an NFS server (refer to Sharing File Systems with NFS ) that runs in a user address space instead of as part of the operating system kernel. With NFS Ganesha, you can plug in your own storage mechanism—such as Ceph—and access it from any NFS client.

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