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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 (SES 5 & SES 5.5)

Part II Cluster Deployment and Upgrade Edit source

4 Deploying with DeepSea/Salt

The ceph-deploy cluster deployment tool was deprecated in SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 and is completely removed in favor of DeepSea as of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.

5 Upgrading from Previous Releases

This chapter introduces steps to upgrade SUSE Enterprise Storage from the previous release(s) to version 5.5.

6 Backing Up the Cluster Configuration

This chapter explains which files on the admin node should be backed up. As soon as you are finished with your cluster deployment or migration, create a backup of these directories.

7 Customizing the Default Configuration

You can change the default cluster configuration generated in Stage 2 (refer to DeepSea Stages Description). For example, you may need to change network settings, or software that is installed on the Salt master by default installed. You can perform the former by modifying the pillar updated after S…

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