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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

Part I Introduction Edit source

1 User Privileges and Command Prompts

As a Ceph cluster administrator, you will be configuring and adjusting the cluster behavior by running specific commands. There are several types of commands you will need:

2 General Notes on System Tuning

This manual discusses how to find the reasons for performance problems and provides means to solve these problems. Before you start tuning your system, you should make sure you have ruled out common problems and have found the cause for the problem. You should also have a detailed plan on how to tun…

3 Introduction to Tuning SUSE Enterprise Storage Clusters

Tuning a distributed cluster is a foray into the use of the scientific method, backed with iterative testing. By taking a holistic look at the cluster and then delving into all the components, it is possible to achieve dramatic improvements. Over the course of the work that contributed to the author…

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