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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

Part I SUSE Enterprise Storage Edit source

1 SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 and Ceph

SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 is a distributed storage system designed for scalability, reliability and performance which is based on the Ceph technology. A Ceph cluster can be run on commodity servers in a common network like Ethernet. The cluster scales up well to thousands of servers (later on referr…

2 Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

The hardware requirements of Ceph are heavily dependent on the IO workload. The following hardware requirements and recommendations should be considered as a starting point for detailed planning.

3 Admin Node HA Setup

The Admin Node is a Ceph cluster node where the Salt master service runs. The Admin Node is a central point of the Ceph cluster because it manages the rest of the cluster nodes by querying and instructing their Salt minion services. It usually includes other services as well, for example the Grafana…

4 User Privileges and Command Prompts

As a Ceph cluster administrator, you will be configuring and adjusting the cluster behavior by running specific commands. There are several types of commands you will need:

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