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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

Part II SUSE Enterprise Storage Tuning Edit source

4 Architecture and Hardware Tuning

Architectural tuning includes aspects that range from the low-level design of the systems being deployed, up to macro-level decisions about network topology and cooling. Not all of these can be covered in this work, but guidance will be given where possible.

5 Operating System Level Tuning

A significant amount of the performance tuning for Ceph clusters can be done at the operating system (OS) layer. This tuning involves ensuring that unnecessary services are not running, and extends down to ensuring buffers are not being overrun and interrupts are being spread properly. There are man…

6 Ceph Tuning

Ceph includes a telemetry module that provides anonymized information back to the Ceph developer community. The information contained in the telemetry report provides information that helps the developers prioritize efforts and identify areas where more work may be needed. It may be necessary to ena…

7 Cache Tiering

A cache tier is an additional storage layer implemented between the client and the standard storage. It is designed to speed up access to pools stored on slow hard disks and erasure coded pools.

8 Improving Performance with LVM cache

LVM cache is currently a technology preview.