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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 6

B Ring Buffer Max Value Script Edit source

This script is intended to be run on a single host at a time. It will set all interfaces on the host to the maximum ring buffer values. It may be used with some sort of orchestration, for example Salt, to apply to all hosts in a cluster.

 for i in `ls /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-*`;do
   nicname=`echo $i|cut -f2 -d"-"`
   echo nicname=$nicname
   if [ `ethtool -g $nicname 2>/dev/null |wc -l ` -gt 6 ]; then
     ethtoolcmd="-G $nicname rx `ethtool -g $nicname|head -6|grep RX:|cut -f2 -d":"|xargs` tx `ethtool -g $nicname|head -6|grep TX:|cut -f2 -d":"|xargs`"
     echo ethtoolcmd=$ethtoolcmd
     sed -i "s/ETHTOOL_OPTIONS=''/ETHTOOL_OPTIONS='$ethtoolcmd'/g" $i
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