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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 12 SP4

A Documentation Updates

This chapter lists content changes for this document.

This manual was updated on the following dates:

A.1 September 2017 (Initial Release of SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 12 SP3)

General Changes
  • The documentation for Geo clustering with SUSE® Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension has been split up into two documents. Both are available from https://www.suse.com/documentation.

    Geo Clustering Quick Start Covers the installation and basic setup of a Geo cluster with bootstrap scripts. The document has been completely revised.

    Geo Clustering Guide Describes different setup scenarios and parameters for booth and the Csync2 setup for Geo clusters. It shows how to configure the cluster resources and how to transfer them to other cluster site in case of changes. It also explains how to manage Geo clusters from command line and with Hawk2 and how to upgrade them to the latest product version.