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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 15 SP3

Administration Guide

This guide covers system administration tasks such as remote administration, workload management, and monitoring.

Publication Date: January 14, 2022
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Documentation conventions
1 Introduction
1.1 Components provided
1.2 Hardware platform support
1.3 Support and life cycle
1.4 Documentation and other information
2 Installation and upgrade
2.1 System roles for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 15 SP3
2.2 Upgrading to SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 15 SP3
3 Remote administration
3.1 Genders — static cluster configuration database
3.2 pdsh — parallel remote shell program
3.3 PowerMan — centralized power control for clusters
3.4 MUNGE authentication
3.5 mrsh/mrlogin — remote login using MUNGE authentication
4 Hardware
4.1 cpuid
4.2 hwloc — portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures for high-performance computing
5 Slurm — utility for HPC workload management
5.1 Installing Slurm
5.2 Slurm administration commands
5.3 Upgrading Slurm
5.4 Frequently asked questions
6 Monitoring and logging
6.1 ConMan — the console manager
6.2 Monitoring HPC clusters with Prometheus and Grafana
6.3 Ganglia — system monitoring
6.4 rasdaemon — utility to log RAS error tracings
7 HPC user libraries
7.1 Lmod — Lua-based environment modules
7.2 GNU Compiler Toolchain Collection for HPC
7.3 High Performance Computing libraries
7.4 File format libraries
7.5 MPI libraries
7.6 Profiling and benchmarking libraries and tools
8 Spack package management tool
8.1 Installing spack
8.2 Using spack: simple example with netcdf-cxx4
8.3 Using spack: complex example with mpich
8.4 Using a specific compiler
9 Dolly clone tool
9.1 Dolly cloning process
9.2 Using dolly
9.3 Dolly configuration file
9.4 Dolly limitations
A GNU licenses
A.1 GNU Free Documentation License

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