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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 11 SP4

A Downloading CryptoAddOn (SAPCryptoLib)

Starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.03/7.3 the cryptographic functionality is already included in the SAP NetWeaver DVDs for most countries and does not have to be specified separately. In case the cryptographic functionality is not included, download the SAPCRYPTOLIB and follow the documentation on how to install the library: Installing the Cryptolib.

SAPCRYPTOLIB is available to entitled customers and partners at http://www.service.sap.com/swdc. Click Installations and Upgrades › Browse our Download Catalog › SAP Cryptographic Software. If you are an SAP customer or partner, contact the SAP subsidiary in the country from which you want to download the library, e.g. by opening a message on Service Marketplace under component XX-SER-SWFL-EXPORT asking for access to this section of the download area. You will be provided with the instructions required to download the package. You need the package for platform linux-x86_64-glibc2.3.

Tip: Renaming Downloaded File

It might be necessary to rename the downloaded file to SAPCRYPTO.SAR.


If you are not an SAP partner yourself but rather working together with an SAP partner, contact your partner to get access to the required archive. Be aware that the installed server must not cross a border in order to avoid violating export regulations.

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