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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4

Part II Advanced Configurations

5 Managing a Virtualization Environment

Graphical utilities, text-based commands, and modified configuration files are methods you can choose from to manage your virtualization environment.Virtual Machine Manager is a graphical utility available in YaST that can be launched from the virtual machine Domain0.

6 Virtual Networking

All VM Guest need some means to communicate either with other VM Guest systems or with a local network. The network interface to the VM Guest system is made of a split device driver, which means, that any virtual Ethernet device has a corresponding network interface in Domain0. This interface is set…

7 Block Devices in Xen

8 Virtualization: Configuration Options and Settings

The documentation in this section, describes advanced management tasks and configuration options that might help technology innovators implement leading-edge virtualization solutions. It is provided as a courtesy and does not imply that all documented options and tasks are supported by Novell, Inc.

9 XenStore: Configuration Database Shared between Domains

This section introduces basic information about XenStore, its role in the Xen environment, the directory structure of files used by XenStore, and the description of XenStore's commands.

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