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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4

Part III Imaging and Creating Products


KIWI is a system for creating operating system images. An image is a directory with a file containing the operating system, its applications and configurations, the file system structure of the OS, possible additional metadata, and (depending on the image type) also disk geometry and partition table data. With KIWI you can create LiveCDs and LiveDVDs, USB sticks, virtual disk to play in full virtual systems like VMware, XEN images for paravirtualization in a hypervisor, and a PXE environment to boot from network.

18 Creating Add-On Products With Add-on Creator

An Add-On is a special designed media, usually a CD or DVD, to extend your product. The Add-on Creator was developed to support our customers and partners and simplify third-party software distribution for all SUSE products.

19 Creating Images with YaST Product Creator

The YaST Product Creator is a unified graphical front-end for KIWI and Add-on Creator. It was developed to provide image creation functionality in one place. All tools integrated in the YaST Product Creator are also available as separate YaST modules or applications.

20 Deploying Customized Preinstallations

Rolling out customized preinstallations of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to a large number of identical machines spares you from installing each one of them separately and provides a standardized installation for the end users. With YaST Firstboot, create customized preinstallation images and determi…

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