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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4

Part III Kernel Monitoring

5 SystemTap—Filtering and Analyzing System Data

SystemTap provides a command line interface and a scripting language to examine the activities of a running Linux system, particularly the kernel, in fine detail. SystemTap scripts are written in the SystemTap scripting language, are then compiled to C-code kernel modules and inserted into the kerne…

6 Kernel Probes

Kernel probes are a set of tools to collect Linux kernel debugging and performance information. Developers and system administrators usually use them either to debug the kernel, or to find system performance bottlenecks. The reported data can then be used to tune the system for better performance.

7 Perfmon2—Hardware-Based Performance Monitoring

Perfmon2 is a standardized, generic interface to access the performance monitoring unit (PMU) of a processor. It is portable across all PMU models and architectures, supports system-wide and per-thread monitoring, counting and sampling.

8 OProfile—System-Wide Profiler

OProfile is a profiler for dynamic program analysis. It investigates the behavior of a running program and gathers information. This information can be viewed and gives hints for further optimizations.

It is not necessary to recompile or use wrapper libraries in order to use OProfile. Not even a Kernel patch is needed. Usually, when you profile an application, a small overhead is expected, depending on work load and sampling frequency.

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