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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3

Security and Hardening Guide

Deals with the particulars of installing and setting up a secure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and additional post-installation processes required to further secure and harden that installation. Supports the administrator with security-related choices and decisions.

Publication Date: September 10, 2021
About This Guide
Assumptions and Scope
Contents of this Book
Available Documentation
Giving Feedback
Documentation Conventions
I Common Criteria
1 Overview and rationale
1.1 What is the Common Criteria Certification?
1.2 Generic Guiding Principles
II General System Security and Service Protection Methods
2 Introduction
3 Linux Security in General
3.1 Physical Security
3.2 Locking Down the BIOS
3.3 Security via the Boot Loaders
3.4 Verifying Security Action with seccheck
3.5 Retiring Linux Servers with Sensitive Data
3.6 Backups
3.7 Disk Partitions
3.8 Firewall (iptables)
3.9 Security Features in the Kernel
3.10 AppArmor
3.11 SELinux
3.12 FTP, telnet, and rlogin (rsh)
3.13 Removing Unnecessary Software Packages (RPMs)
3.14 Patching Linux Systems
3.15 Securing the Network—Open Network Ports Detection
3.16 xinetd Services - Disabling
3.17 Securing Postfix
3.18 File Systems: Securing NFS
3.19 Copying Files Using SSH Without Providing Login Prompts
3.20 Checking File Permissions and Ownership
3.21 Default umask
3.22 SUID/SGID Files
3.23 World-Writable Files
3.24 Orphaned or Unowned Files
3.25 Restricting Access to Removable Media
3.26 Various Account Checks
3.27 Enabling Password Aging
3.28 Stronger Password Enforcement
3.29 Leveraging an Effective PAM stack
3.30 Preventing Accidental Denial of Service
3.31 Displaying Login Banners
3.32 Miscellaneous
A Documentation Updates
A.1 November 2016 (Initial Release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2)
A.2 December 2015 (Initial Release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1)
A.3 February 2015 (Documentation Maintenance Update)
A.4 October 2014 (Initial Release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12)

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