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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4

6 Managing Printers Edit source

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server makes it easy to print your documents, whether your computer is connected directly to a printer or linked remotely on a network. This chapter describes how to set up printers in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and manage print jobs.

6.1 Installing a Printer Edit source

Before you can install a printer, you need to know the root password and have your printer information ready. Depending on how you connect the printer, you might also need the printer URI, TCP/IP address or host, and the driver for the printer. A number of common printer drivers ship with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. If you cannot find a driver for the printer, check the printer manufacturer's Web site.

  1. Click Applications › System Tools › Settings › Printers.

  2. Click Unlock and enter the root password.

  3. Click the plus icon.

  4. If there are too many printers in the list, filter them by entering an IP address or a keyword into the search field in the lower part of the dialog.

  5. Select a printer from the list of available printers and click Add.

The installed printer appears in the Printers panel. You can now print to the printer from any application.

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