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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2

Container Guide

This guide provides an introduction to the SUSE container ecosystem. This document is a work in progress. The content in this document is subject to change without notice.

Authors: Dmitri Popov and Nora Kořánová
Publication Date: January 14, 2022
About This Guide
Required Background
Giving Feedback
Documentation Conventions
1 Introduction to Linux Containers
1.1 Key Concepts and Brief Introduction to Podman
2 Tool for Building Images and Managing Containers
2.1 Tools Available to Customers
2.2 SUSE Build Tools
2.3 Building Official SLE Images
3 Docker Open Source Engine Overview
3.1 Docker Open Source Engine Architecture
4 Setting Up Docker Open Source Engine
4.1 Preparing the Host
4.2 Configuring the Network
4.3 Storage Drivers
4.4 Updates
5 Configuring Image Storage
5.1 What is Docker Registry?
5.2 Running a Docker Registry
5.3 Limitations
5.4 Portus
6 Obtaining Containers
6.1 SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Images
6.2 SUSE Container Properties
6.3 SUSE Registry
6.4 Verifying containers
6.5 Comparing Containers
6.6 On-Premises Registry
7 Creating Custom Container Images
7.1 Pulling Base SLES Images
7.2 Customizing SLES Container Images
8 Creating Application Images
8.1 Running an Application with Specific Package Versions
8.2 Running Applications with a Specific Configuration
8.3 Sharing Data Between an Application and the Host System
8.4 Applications Running in the Background
9 Working with Containers
9.1 Starting and Removing Containers
10 Podman Overview
10.1 Podman Installation
10.2 Podman Basic Usage
11 Buildah Overview
11.1 Podman and Buildah
11.2 Buildah Installation
11.3 Building Images with Buildah
12 Container Orchestration
12.1 Pod Deployment with Podman
13 Troubleshooting
13.1 Analyze Container Images with container-diff
14 Support Plans
14.1 Supported Containers on SUSE Host Environments
14.2 Supported Container Host Environments
A Terminology
B GNU Licenses
B.1 GNU Free Documentation License

Copyright © 2006– 2022 SUSE LLC and contributors. All rights reserved.

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